About Body of Angels

As an herbalist and wellness conscious mother, Body of Angels was born out of my love of creating all-natural herbal supplements and personal care products for the masses, without compromising the quality and integrity of the products! Body of Angels cosmetic products are always made with completely natural and beneficial herbs, minerals and oils to support cleansing your face and body, whilst you frolic in beauty! Or products contain no additives or fillers (like talc or rice) often found in other popular cosmetic brands. Therefore, our products are HIGHLY concentrated and HIGHLY pigmented! A little truly goes a long way with our makeup!

What makes Body of Angels unique and sets us apart from the competition lies in the fact that all of our cosmetic and personal care products are infused with some of the most powerful and effective herbs and oils from around the world! Now, you can be beautiful and cleanse your body at the same time… Because you only have one face! And you only have one body!

- Makaila Renee
Owner, Body of Angels


Our Mission

Our mission is to promote overall wellness and a better quality of life by using what our Creator has graciously provided for us in abundance and for our good!* I pray that each customer that uses Body of Angels makeup feels transformed and empowered by the positive renewal of the way they see themselves. Not by the world standards, but by the God who created us. Now, take your perfection to the next level of beauty and wellness!*