HEALED Organic Herbal Lip Balm (6pk)

Body of Angels

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Body of Angels’ HEALED Organic Lip Balm softens and conditions your lips. Beneficial Ingredients like Frankincense, myrrh, rosemary, oregano, carrot seed and rosehip oils take moisturizing and skin wellness to the next level, without compromise! All Body of Angels Lipstick & Lip Glosses are Natural, vegan and environmentally friendly! We are the ONLY & ORIGINAL cosmetic company to use all natural, herbal infusions to create pliable makeup that is great to wear, while enhancing beauty. 

- Effective Cold S*re Support

- Light weight, ultra moisturizing and super conditioning

- All Lip formulas contain Vitamin E and jojoba oil to supoort overall health and ph balance.*

- You can actually pronounce our all natural, organic ingredients!

ALL LIP GLOSSES are natural and organic, made to support wrinkles, fine lines and sagging for soft, full-looking lips.