GOLDEN CHARIOTS Organic Bronzer (15-20ML)

Body of Angels

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Introducing Body of Angels Herbal based Bronzers! Our nutrient-rich bronzers are designed to soften highlight and illuminate your skin with bronze, copper-red, and soft brown and gold undertones that blend seamlessly into your skin! This all year round treat has been created to protect your skin (from the sun, as ell as harsh cold weather), and detoxify and nourish your skin, for an all-natural sun kissed glow!*

These Body of Angels Bronzers are cruelty free, vegan, organic, and formulated using the most powerful and effective herbs and essential oils from around the world! These bronzers are packed with skin nourishing minerals from A to Zinc! All of our eye shadows are designed to detoxify and also contain anti-aging herbs and oils. Now you can feel great about what you put on your skin... Because you only have one face!

Our cruelty free, vegan bronzers are tailor made for all skin types (including sensitive skin) and are comprised of a blend of natural and organic anti-aging herbs, flowers, roots, leaves, oils and detoxifying clays for natural color and to improve your skin!

Body of Angels Bronzers contain NO talc, NO, mica, NO Arrowroot (thickening agents or starches), NO Madder (which contain chemicals that may cause Canc.r), NO fillers (like rice) and NO Additives!

All of our Natural and Organic Bronzers are highly pigmented, so a little truly goes a long way! Whether you're going for a casual, professional or show-stopping look, consider Body of Angels Bronzers as your must go-to product!

BLAZING CHERUBIMS- Copper-Red (cool)
GOLDEN CHARIOTS- Bronzed Gold (warm)

Body of Angels Bronzers are truly an affordable luxury!


ALOE- for ultra-hydration
BENTONITE CLAY- for toxins removal
BURDOCK ROOT- for cleansing, detoxifying and purification.
CARROT SEED- Tones and tightens skin tissue to prevent and improve sagging (over time), anti-aging.
FRANKINCENSE- "King of Essential Oils" with Anti-aging and anti-inflammation benefits, known to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin.
HORSETAIL- Anti-aging benefits, rich in silica and collagen, improves scars and blemishes, over time.
JOJOBA OIL- for PH balance, moisture and anti-inflammation properties.
LAVENDER- for cleansing and soothing skin, lessens pain and antibacterial properties.
MOROCCAN CLAY- softens, cleanses and moisturizes skin.
MYRRH-  for Anti-Aging benefits, hydration and skin ailments.
NOPAL CACTUS- rich in antioxidants and perfect for sensitive skin.
ROSEHIPS- for acne. eczema, brake outs, skin irritation, soothes skin.
ROSEMARY- for cleansing pores and eliminating acne causing bacteria.
SILICA- for collagen and improved elasticity (over time)
TEPEZCOHUITE- know as the Mexican Skin Tree and for it's anti-aging properties, as well as improving blemishes, scars, burns, ect
TURMERIC- for glow and luster to skin. Also, revives and rejuvenates skin.
VITAMIN E- nourishes Skin
WITCH HAZEL- Shrinks pores, soothes skin and fights bacteria.
OXIDES- for adhesion and slip for all day wear.
Cruelty-free and responsibly sourced MICA: for adding dimension, sculpting the face and a beautiful, glowing, happier look.