Second Skin Organic Concealer 20ML (Jumbo Size), Youthful Detox formula*

Body of Angels

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NEW! This Body of Angels highly sought after and organic Like Second Skin Concealer is comprised of certified organic plants, herbs, flowers, seeds and clays to support a powerful and effective herbal cleanse, whilst also promoting youthful looking skin! * This highly pigmented formula is exactly what you need to conceal pores, skin discoloration, dark  under eye circles, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, veins, scars, freckles, age spots and more, all while helping to support the overall wellness your skin!* With this natural and organic concealer, you can easily build without the chalky, caked on or masked look. Second Skin Organic Concealer is packed with nourishing herbs and minerals that are rich in antioxidants, may provide support for inflammation and is packed with rich cleansing properties. This uniquely designed formula also serves as a moisturizer!*

Body of Angels Organic (Like) Second Skin Organic Concealer also contains NO talc, NO, mica, NO Arrowroot (thickening agents or starches), NO Madder (which contain chemicals that may cause Cancer), NO fillers (like rice) and NO Additives!


All of our Natural and Organic Concealers are highly pigmented, so a little truly goes a long way! Whether you're going for a casual, professional or show-stopping look, let Body of Angels Second Skin Organic Concealer be your go-to product!


All of Body of Angels products are designed to condition and promote youthful-looking skin, and are CHEMICAL FREE, CRUELTY FREE, VEGAN, ORGANIC!


- All day wear*

- Superior coverage*

- No clogged or appearance of pores.*

- Weightless, yet covers wrinkles, blemishes, ect.*

- Designed to help support your skin*


- Very concentrated and highly pigmented- a little goes a long way!





* Please use the Color Match photos for your perfect shade! If you're still uncertain, send me an email or message, for a color recommendation!



*These products nor statements have been evaluated by the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Administration and are not inteneded to diagnose, cure, treat, midigate or prevent and diseases.