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Be beautiful AND detoxify your skin with our natural and organic herbal setting powder! Our Anti-aging, detoxifying finishing powder goes on smoothly and weightlessly for a flawless, poreless finish. Clarity Setting Powder is packed with nutrients and minerals that help to improve, tone and condition your skin over time.* Body of Angels uses NO additives or fillers like talc (which has been linked to cancer), NO rice powder (may be heavy, clog pores and creates a cake-on look) or NO titanium dioxide (which has been know to irritate the skin, eyes, nose and throat). Instead, we give you pure minerals, infused with powerful and effective herbs and essential oils to achieve the look you want while promoting overall wellness- because you only have one face!

Body of Angels Clarity (Anti-Aging & Detoxifying) Finishing Powder contains NO talc, NO, mica, NO Arrowroot (thickening agents or starches), NO Madder (which contain chemicals that may cause Canc.r), NO fillers (like rice) and NO Additives! This uniquely made setting powder is made from organic food grade ingredients.

All of our Natural and Organic Setting Powders control shine, and minimizes pores and fine lines for a naturally flawless, airbrushed look! Whether you're going for a casual, professional or show-stopping look, let Body of Angels Clarity Setting Powder be your go-to product!

This Body of Angels Clarity Setting Powder is super light weight and formulated with some of the most powerful and effective herbs and essential oils from around the world! It blurs imperfections, soften fines lines, covers wrinkles and plumps sagging skin (over time).* You can easily build without the chalky, caked on or masked look.  All of Body of Angels products are designed to condition and improve the look and feel of your skin, and are CHEMICAL FREE, CRUELTY FREE, VEGAN, ORGANIC and HEALING!

- All day wear

- Soft matte finish

- Humidity resistant

- No clogged or appearance of pores.

- Weightless, yet covers wrinkles, blemishes, ect.

- Designed to help your skin

- A little goes a long way!

- Airbrushed Look!

- Sheer and translucent for all skin types!





REFILL 15.25g

* 5g Setting Powder comes in a labeled black tin. 15g Setting Powder comes in compact case with mirror, screen (shown in photos).


KAOLIN CLAY: for preventing acne, managing dry skin and absorbing access oil or sebum.

BENTONITE CLAY: for toxins removal

ALOE: for ultra-hydration

HORSETAIL: Anti-aging benefits, rich in silica and collagen, improves scars and blemishes, over time.

CARROT SEED: Tones and tightens skin tissue to prevent and improve sagging (over time), anti-aging.

ROSE: supports the body's natural collagen production and promotes healthier skin.

LAVENDER: for cleansing and soothing skin, lessens pain and antibacterial properties.

FRANKINCENSE:  "King of Essential Oils" with Anti-aging and anti-inflammation benefits, known to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin.

GERANIUM: Tightens and tones skin without reducing moisture, soothes irritated skin and boosts natural glow.

ROSEHIPS:  for acne. eczema, brake outs, skin irritation, soothes skin.

ROSEMARY: for cleansing pores and eliminating acne causing bacteria.

CLARY SAGE: balancing properties to stabilize oil production and reduce acne.

TEA TREE: Reduces inflammation, irritation and soothes painful and irritated skin.

TEPEZCOHUITE: (only in DARK Clarity Setting Powder) know as the Mexican Skin Tree and for it's anti-aging properties, as well as improving blemishes, scars, burns, ect

JOJOBA OIL: For PH balance, moisture and anti-inflammation properties.

VITAMIN E:  nourishes Skin

*Clarity Setting Powder is made to order with a 6-12 month shelf life!

*Clarity Setting Powder 5g does NOT come with a sifter. Clarity Setting Powder 15g DOES HAVE A SIFTER.


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